Getting Started

prospective clients -  FAQs.

1. What is a cyber style session?

A cyber style session is a one-on-one session with Jill where she will assess your style needs, lifestyle , identify your signature style and offer you a list of resources locally as a followup.

2. Can I book a cyber style session globally?

YES! Of course, I have clients from all over the globe! Please just let me know your time zone when booking.

3. What is a closet edit session and how long do I need?

A closet edit session is where I work with a client by editing the current seasonal closet , creating a style strategy for the upcoming season and we assess key items that are missing . Timing depends on how many closets you have and how many areas you want to cover.

4. What is a style tune-up?

This is a 3 hour session where we strategically look at and assess your current wardrobe and re-style what is exisiting - no shopping required!

5. Do you pack for trips- business and getaways?

Yes! Absolutely, actually it's one of my most popular appointments, in the long run it saves you time and money. All you have to worry about is getting on the plane.

6.Do you style for special occasions such as speaking engagements, press interviews etc?

Yes, since in my former life I was a PR director , I can help you make sure that your outfit communicates what you need it to for any specific function.- Different audience, Different style.

7.What makes you stand out as a stylist?

I get this question often, as I look at the entire person's lifestyle , and always have my clients needs first in line. I also try to help them see who they are to the world and how we can create all different types of styling messages based on certain environments since I have lived all over the globe.

8. What if i have no idea what session i need to book?

If you are not sure the depth and breadth of your style needs, please feel free to book me for a 10 min FREE phone consult so we can further discuss.