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“Jill, is the best wardrobe stylist that is in San Francisco.”

”She has a tremendous amount of experience – from NYC – to living and teaching fashion in Europe. Jill always has a smile – and can transform your image – you will never feel better in your life!! I would not hesitate to contact her to either update your image – or just go shopping in your closet for a day and feel like you have a new wardrobe – without shopping!”
— Jeff F. Houston, TX
“To get a sense of my “style”, consider that my jeans were as much as ten years old, and I routinely had minor breakdowns whenever i had an occasion for which i had to dress up, even slightly. I knew I needed a makeover of some sort, even a major overhaul of my fashion sense. Then a job situation required that I be on tv, do interviews, get on stage for public speaking. YOWZA. Now I had to take stock of what I had in my closet (be aware that I do not try to look dowdy. I like to look good. I had just hit a roadblock on what that was.) I needed a consultation!”
Jill was completely nonjudgmental about my ailing wardrobe, and listened closely to how i wanted to represent myself through my clothes. She also listened carefully to what i felt comfortable in. In my heart i knew i was going to have to expand that arena if we were going to get anywhere but i was also pretty resistant. But very soon into our initial visit, Jill made me feel as if she completely understood me and my quandary, and that somehow gave me the freedom to open up to new style ideas.
The shopping section was so much more fun than i imagined. She had already picked out what she thought would look good, and I spent two stress free and actually enjoyable hours in the dressing room. At the end I had four outfits. And here’s the big bonus - Jill was VERY price conscious - she didn’t pick clothes willy nilly just because it wasn’t coming out of her wallet.

The shopping was a complete success: I feel comfortable in what Jill found for me. I feel RIGHT.

I would recommend Jill to a wide range of people, from those who need a wardrobe tweak to those (like me) who need a major overhaul and a new perspective. I would recommend her to the uber stylish types, and to those (me again!) who feel lost when it comes to at once looking good, feeling good AND representing themselves through their clothes.
And the kicker? I’ll probably use her again. I thought this was a one time deal because using a stylist seemed very high falutin, much too fancy and pricey for me. But everything was so worth it - to the renewed sense of confidence i feel in the clothes, to a better and broader understanding of what works for me.”

— Caroline P, Author, Speaker, San Francisco
Let me begin by stating that a single client review post can not begin to describe the value that Jill offers a business or an individual client. I know businesses that have prospered with Jill’s marketing, merchandising and creative direction and I have been a personal client of Jill’s for over five years.

I am an extremely busy executive and yet style and fashion have always been important to me. I spent the first half of my career in the fashion industry. Being in the industry helped me to stay current and always look great. Inspiration, work, shopping and dressing were were at times one and the same.

Over time I moved into the tech industry and had no time to keep up with the fashion industry. In addition I suffered a terrible car accident and the long-term illness of a family member. Both of these events resulted in weight gain with a comfort and coverup strategy when it came to apparel.

She impressed me immediately with her fashion perspective. So out of all of the stylists I have known over the years, I immediately thought of her as the person to solve my problem.

After our first meeting Jill could describe my “real” style better than I could. She has amazing energy which I love, she is fun and down to earth which is a rare trait for someone that has such extensive fashion industry experience. She can size up the right silhouettes to make your body look better than it is and the colors that make you beautiful. I knew this relationship would work.

We first cleaned out my closet. We threw away hundreds of items. At first it was scary. But what was left and how she put it all together was magical. Even though I was left with a tiny wardrobe, it was like I had a new, more current wardrobe than my former one. And I felt fantastic in my newly styled outfits. She explained how less is more. I always thought I needed a lot of clothes. She reinforced that you need a few capsules but each outfit has to be remarkable. I was hooked as this approach would save me money. In addition, the outfits she assembled for me made me feel more like me. This is hard to explain but Jill can help wake the real you.

Although Jill is flexible, the best way to work with Jill is to have three appointments each season.

1-First she will come in and edit your existing wardrobe. She makes a list of what you need to fill in.
2-Then you go shopping. There are things I prefer to purchase myself. She and I go shopping together for the things that are hard to find or when I need expert advice. She always knows what is in the stores and who has the best items for what you need and who has the best prices. Often times, she has taken me to stores with alternatives of what was just on the runway at fractions of the price. We always meet at different places. She usually pre-shops and has things waiting to save you time. She also knows all of the new designers (yes, many of them she knows personally) and knows if their lines will work for you.
3-Then she comes back to your home and styles each outfit and photographs them with a neat app complete with notes and voila, you have a record and reference guide.

Sometimes she will bring over items she knows I need, other times she will email me links to items online. She is always looking for tools and tips to save her clients.

Since I have been working with Jill she has helped me reinvent my style as well as adjust my style to a new work environment. She has dressed me for media interviews, vacations, galas, athletic events, as well as unusual and eccentric events. I travel extensively and she has always been able to help me keep my wardrobe appropriate, light, versatile and travel well. On occasion, I have had a few fashion emergencies. I can call or text her and she is right there to help.

She constantly surprises me. She has things for me to try on that I would never in a million years have picked out, and after I put it on it is always fabulous. The way she can pull things together that seem like they will not, is current, personalized just for you and is stunning. She has a gift that in all my years in the industry, I have rarely seen. I trust her implicitly.

Working with a stylist does have a fee, but working with Jill will save you money in the long run. You will only buy things you LOVE and that make you look fantastic. You will spend some money on “investment” pieces, but they will last a lifetime. You will buy less clothes and will save time in shopping. In the end you will look and feel fantastic and have fun along the way. You will be the real you that you never thought you could be.
— Jill A. , Belmont, CA
I have worked with Jill Siefert for over two years. Each season, my respect for her increases dramatically. Simply put, Jill Siefert is an extraordinary woman. Her work as a stylist references a rich and varied education. Her professional experience ranges from the runways of Milan to the showrooms of New York; now, to our great good fortune, Jill is enhancing the classrooms and closets of San Francisco.

The list of Jill’s artistic attributes is extensive. She is able to forecast fashion trends many seasons in advance and always incorporates this understanding to create beautiful, timely and lasting wardrobes. Jill combines a pragmatic sensibility with an unerring eye to find garments that are both stunning and serviceable in every tier. She is as conversant with rack t-shirts as with couture and is continually on the lookout for our best local designers. Jill retains a wonderful sense of playfulness; she finds the most exciting new looks, and, with her endless reserves of creativity, Jill always brings a fresh perspective to old, beloved garments.

Working with Jill has been an inspiration. Jill’s integrity and responsibility are incomparable. Her generosity of spirit makes each session an education. I trust Jill implicitly and love working with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Chandra G. , Mill Valley, CA
You simply can’t go wrong with Jill. She is honest, helpful, practical - and has amazing style. I use her personally and she’s done workshops at our company. Love her!
— Renee G. Burlingame, CA
I’ve had Jill do my styling for over 9 years now. The first time we did a full styling and a complete analysis and closet makeover after I lost a bunch of weight and needed to find “my style”. Since then I hire her several times/year - once for a seasonal update and then several times to help me with an outfit for a party, event or media interview.

What I love about Jill is:
1. She keeps me looking good and presenting myself in a style that’s true to myself. I walk more confidently when my outside represents my inside.
2. I’m so busy that having someone who “preshops” for me so that when I’m with her we go to the stores she knows will work for me and she’s set some things aside for me to try on. So efficient and such a better use of my time.
3. She’s conscious of maximizing my budget...that said she also encourages me when it’s time to spend the money on pieces that are timeless classics or where the quality will payoff (like shoes!)
4. I love that she introduces me to up and coming designers as well as the established brands and that we’ll also pull a few staples from lower end stores to stretch the budget.
5. Finally, she’s fun to hang out with, smart and really knows the industry as well as the importance of a sense of style/branding.

I highly recommend Jill to anyone who wants to create an authentic look, who’s busy and needs to optimize time and to those who have lost weight and want to reinvent themselves and feel great!
Jenn F.
San Francisco
— Jennifer F, San Anselmo, CA
I never thought about my personal ‘style’ - I just thought I looked ‘fine’ or ‘good enough’... until it was time for my picture to be taken for an interview with the New York Times. I was referred to Jill by a colleague, and she came in and worked WONDERS for my image! She immediately took charge, analyzed my existing wardrobe. I was amazed at what came out of it. Jill was able to see my personal style, make many outfits out of what I had that not only looked ‘updated’ and stylish, but also made each look compliment my figure.

Jill took the time to educate me about what to shop for, and how to grow my existing base into something marvelous. She uses practical shopping solutions - not going for the most expensive item.. In all cases, it’s the *right* addition. And the look comes together flawlessly.

She is well-traveled, knowledgeable about resources all over the world for rare pieces, and the hottest, cutting edge looks that will work and be great components to add to my wardrobe.

Her service is thoughtful, practical, and makes me confident about putting myself together, whether it be for a national photoshoot, or just another day at the office.
— GInger F, San Francisco, CA

I reached out to Jill after I had moved from the East Coast to San Francisco and was looking to downsize my wardrobe and make edits that would reflect my new city and job. In two hours we were able to get rid of 4 bags of clothes and reorganize my closet. Jill was able to evaluate my style even before we met using a Pinterest board I created for her. I really emphasized how important it was to just strip my closet and be able to create easy and stylish outfits for work especially because I travel a lot and I’m always on the road. Jill really has an eye for your personal style as well as what makes sense with your lifestyle. We also bonded over our love for travel and fashion. I feel so much better starting the new year with a more simple, easy wardrobe. Jill also showed me what essential pieces I’m missing and sends me great finds. I plan on continuing to meet with Jill whenever I need a little refresh for a new season. I should also mention I interviewed two other people but Jill was by far the best and I would highly recommend working with her to anyone.
— Jaime S. San Francisco, CA
I met Jill back in 2008 while we were exhibiting at Magic in Las Vegas. Since then Jill has helped me grow our retail jewelry brand, Sikara & Co. in the Bay Area. She has been a peer mentor and business consultant. From helping me hire talent, to discussing trends, to helping write a styling section in our newsletters, to hosting seminars and presentations to our customers, Jill has proved to be invaluable. In addition to having incredible styling advice she’s a talented fashion industry professional.
— Mousumi S., Austin, TX
From the very first Skype meeting to the last follow up email, Jill was professional and fun. She met all my diverse needs including travelling around the world for three months hiking, yoga retreats, work events, conferences etc. She did it to a strict budget including accessories, workout gear, shoes, hats and others.

The shopping day itself was a fun packed adventure, she works fast not wasting any time; with her pre shopping day Skype sessions paying off by her excellent pre pull skills. We also laughed a lot.

One month into my trip and I have worn everything with great success. The compliments from old friends and new keep rolling in, including how stylish I always look.
I am off to France tomorrow and I know without a doubt I will be able to blend into to the Parisian chic.
Thanks Jill... it was worth every cent

— Martine G. Australia
Jill is amazing. My sister and I have worked with her over past several years on an annual wardrobe refresh and re-style. She makes this fun, accessible, practical and actionable. She has wonderful energy and is clearly on mission in what she does. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Julie J., Sausalito, CA
A few days ago Jill audited my closet. It was such a great experience I regret now not doing it sooner. In 2 hours Jill had identified my personal style, my ideal color palette, removed everything that wasn’t “me” (with consult), and merchandised the remaining items into wearable groupings. I feel like I have fairly sophisticated taste, but Jill was brilliant in her ability to see what did and didn’t work. She had a laser eye and worked fast. Super experience. I look forward to working with her more.
— Amy C., Oakland, CA
A few days ago Jill audited my closet. It was such a great experience I regret now not doing it sooner. In 2 hours Jill had identified my personal style, my ideal color palette, removed everything that wasn’t “me” (with consult), and merchandised the remaining items into wearable groupings. I feel like I have fairly sophisticated taste, but Jill was brilliant in her ability to see what did and didn’t work. She had a laser eye and worked fast. Super experience. I look forward to working with her more.
— Reigin Z., San Francisco, CA
Jill created a new wardrobe for me in 2 steps. She removed garments from my wardrobe that were unflattering or seriously dated. She then created altogether new outfits from the remaining garments. I now have what feels like a brand new wardrobe of very attractive looks with no cost (other than her fees). I will call her in the spring to do the same thing for my spring/summer wardrobe.
— Kate F., Menlo Park, CA
“Jill worked with me to edit my wardrobe, removing unflattering or hopelessly dated garments. My wardrobe had some critical gaps. She coordinated a brief but highly productive shopping trip to fill in those gaps, being sensitive to my budget throughout. She then worked with the old and new garments to create outfits, which we photographed. Along the way, I’ve developed a much better sense of my style and what I look best in. Jill is very pleasant, so time spent with her is relaxing and fun.”
— Lynn, Palo Alto